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Hello and welcome! For my first post, I’m going to talk a little about who I am, and why I’ve decided to launch my own blog. My name is Fiona Reidy, and I am addicted to books. I read a lot of them, and I’ve even tried writing them. This is my writing desk (I made it look prettier for the photo than it usually is).

A quiet place to clear my mind.

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m generally taking photos of my books for Instagram: yes, the obsession runs that deep! Thankfully, there’s a whole community of people like me who post under the ‘bookstagram’ hashtag, and we all feel a little less crazy for having found each other. We discuss the books we read, get hyped about new releases, mourn when our favourite characters are killed off, and celebrate everything bookish. I love it! And while Instagram is great for all these things, it has the drawback of being a social media website with unfathomable algorithms, bot accounts, and advertisements. Plus there’s a character limit per post which means you can never really say everything you want to about a book. So, that’s the main reason for this blog.

You may be forgiven for thinking my life is all about books – I promise it’s not! While I once harboured aspirations of being a professional author, after a lot of introspection I’ve decided that it’s really more of a hobby for me at this time. And that’s ok. Writing has helped me sort through messy thoughts during a difficult time in my life, and helped me to discover what I really want to do (more on that later). On my poetry page, you will get an insight into what I mean by ‘difficult time’. Don’t be afraid to comment and start a discussion; it’s what I’ve shared them for. I will be posting about mental health topics into the future, too.

Other things I’m passionate about are going to crop up, like:

  • Nature
  • Animal Welfare
  • Feminism
  • Lifestyle and Home
  • University life (come September)
  • Ireland
  • Food
  • My dog Clover!

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, I know. It goes against all the rules of starting a blog I’ve ever read on other blogs! But I like to think it means there will be a little something for everyone.

That’s all from me for now,

Fiona x

About the author

Irish woman in her 20's. Blogging about books, life, and beautiful things.


  1. Yay!! Your blog looks beautiful Fiona! And I definitely agree, post about whatever you want to post about, I’m sure people will like it even more because of that. I’m not going to live by the standard blog rules either 🙊

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